EE JCH Merrilow Sweet Child O Mine

I planned Emmy for so long and therefore I named her “Sweet Child O Mine”. And she really is a true sweety-pie.

  • Born: 22.03.2014.
  • Health: prcd-PRA: clear; HNPK: affected;
  • Shows in puppy class: BOB Baby, BOS Baby at the specialty show, 4x BOB Puppy, 6x Promotion Prize.
  • In Junior Class: EE JCH; 3x EE JCC, 2x BOB JUN, BOS JUN, BOB
  • She won’t be used for breeding: elbow dysplasia


EST CH & W’12, LV CH, EST & LV JCH Royal Brown Cooper A/0, EIC Clear, prcd-PRA: clear; qualifyed on the field SW SH CH & NOR CH Tjotte’s Lover Under Cover A/0 CH Lubberline Pumpernickle OFA  Hips Good, Elbows Normal
SW SH CH Tjotte’s New Years Cheers A/0
Royal Brown A Midnight Dream A/1, qualifyed on the field EST CH My Brand Indiana Jonez A/1, tõukatse
Irwlend Kimi-Charlotte A/0
Merrilow Elisa A/0, qualifyed on the field, prcd-PRA: carrier, 2x CAC, JCAC Forest Fan Kerberos A/0 Tealway Ali At Bubbling A/0
EST CH Countrylove’s Chocolat B/0
Forest Fan Emma C/0, blood tracking III Lennu A/0
Forest Fan Amanda A/0