About Us

Kennel Merrilow is a smallish kennel founded almost two decades ago in 2005.

Kennel is owned by me/Triinu Ann Mölder. And with my husband and sidekick Kalev we together raise, train and hunt our dogs.

We work at home office and therefore have a lot of attention for our dogs. They play a big part in our everyday life and surely have their well earned special place.

Forest Fan Emma mälestuseksFirst Labrador

It all started in 2001 when my family was looking for a pet Labrador.

In April 2002 we had Emma (Forest Fan Emma, RIP 2002-2013).

Very soon we were into shows, competing in obedience, bloodtracking, forest rescue, picking up at shootings etc. Emma was very sweet and easy to train. Emma gained many nice wins from competitions and many more 2nd places from dog shows 😀 Emma is a reason and a foundation of this kennel firstplace.

Addition to Labradors, we have also a Chesapeake Bay Retriever girl – Arnac Bay Gull aka Brexit – who is our main hunting companion. In 2 years she finished her show championship with Int. Ch and many other Ch & Winner titles. Past 4 years she has been only used for work (duck and geese hunting).


triinu1We plan litters rarely but when we do…

Goal is to breed overall healthy Retrievers, not forgetting that they should please the eye and have the correct wonderful temperament and ability to work.

All our dogs will be hip scored, eye-checked and passed genetic testing before breeding, and most important – have passed a hunting test.

Our puppies are raised in a normal home environment. Socialized with children, our other dogs, and game smells and sounds.

The new owner of a Merrilow puppy will always be carefully guided for this life-long relationship and I will always be there for them.

Choice of breeds

Labrador Retriever is my true love and “my breed” as I admire it’s temperament and versatility.

My other secret fondness, and a true opposite to a Labrador, is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. We welcomed Brexit (Arnac Bay Gull) in 2016.

I attend any lecture and class to get more educated in canine related issues.

Where We Live

tartuWe live in the centre of Southern Estonia in Tartu which is the second largest city of Estonia (population of 100,000 in an area of 38.8 square kilometres).  The Emajõgi River, which connects the two largest lakes of Estonia.  Tartu has strong cultural history and old traditions. The first written records of Tartu date from 1030.

Our home is located 15 min walk from parks and a river. A short drive and we are out of the city in the fields or in the forest.

We have long and cold winters (-20 C) and not so long warm summers (+20-30 C). Hunting season for duck hunt starts from August 20th and lasts til the end of October and sometimes til the beginning of November.

Triinu Ann Mölder & Co