First Working Test (March 10)

On March 10th we got our first experience competing in Retrievers Working Test (WT). Judges were Tomi Sarkkinen and Miso Sipola from Finland.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Arnac Bay Gull got points from all four stakes and finished 11th out of 22 in Beginners Class with 41 points. (No zeros, jippii 🙂 Estonian Beginners class is something like mix of Novice and Open in other countries.

I was very satisfyed how she performed for her age, had no (bad) surprises.

For me it is really enjoyable to see how she goes into working mode and breathes work. It is true when sayed: “Chesapeake never forgets”. As a trainer I´m not so experienced, so for many things I can only blame myself, like for not being more consistent.

On March 8th and 11th we had awesome training sessions with Tomi Sarkkinen and Julia Vershinina (Russia). Got some good tips how to get delivery to hand a bit firmer (sometimes she drops dummies in front of me) and how to hold straight line when sending (sometimes she does happy piruette when sent).

Also, we were really glad to meet some of our friends in person – a male Chesapeake “Basti” from Lithuania was also attending the events taking 4th place in Winners class. Congrats to Petras!

Pictures: Pille Kurm, Maria Grigorjeva, Tatjana Zamorskaja. More pictures and all results HERE.

Next week will be following a tale of our first pheasant hunt.